We want to bring you the authentic tastes of the tropics.

We make great craft foods from natural ingredients and local suppliers. Our recipes often started as home-made family specials from the Caribbean. So we will never cook with chemicals and additives, because we want to help you to live healthier and happier. We’ll also donate a tenth of our profits to preserving the rain forest and people of where we work – starting in Guyana. We do care – unlike the faceless multinationals that think of you as a consumer, not a person. We’re Rodie’s, we’re different and we’ll stay so for the long-term.

We’re eating a lot more spicy foods than our parents generation. It’s even said that our national dish is Chicken Tikka Massala. But sadly many of the ethnic products sold in our supermarkets are mass-produced imitations of the real thing – industrial gloop with weird ingredients. If your wine was made like your chilli sauce, you’d be drinking chemical vinegar imported in bulk tankers.

We’re going to change that and give you foods made with the same attention to honest ingredients, local origin and amazing flavours that you get in a great wine or craft beer. We source as many of our ingredients as we can, from local, sustainable producers and distinctive varieties like the Guyanese Wiri-Wiri chilli pepper or its even hotter but still sweet-tasting relative, the Ball-of-fire.

We think think this is about more than just pleasure. Good, honest food and drink makes us all healthier and happier. We will always try to help you look after your wellbeing. To liberate you from the grey-tasting, mundane bottles on the shelves of your local supermarket, into a world bursting with flavour, passion and human imagination. Even better, when you buy a jar or bottle of Rodie’s, you’ll be helping the world, since we’ll donate 10% of our profits to education and ecology projects in Guyana and the Caribbean. You’ll also be supporting our fair-trade work with local farmers in the region, who we partner with and invest in, to grow their specialist, gastronomic production, whilst also safeguarding the natural world.

Aletha Shepherd

Aletha works as an actress and entrepreneur based in London and Los Angeles. As a member of the Rodie family, she grew up steeped in the traditions of Guyanese cuisine, Caribbean culture and the exotic tastes of her ancestor’s homeland.

She’s our cool and beautiful founder and has even been a Beauty Queen – in 2010 she was Miss Guyana representing the country in the Miss World competition. As part of that she began to work on campaigns and projects to celebrate and protect the rich ecosystem of the country, women’s rights, health and education. Nature and conservation have since become her passion and she is a tireless campaigner for women, particularly black women’s rights. She has now combined those causes with a love of the local cuisine she grew up with, health and wellness, to make Rodie’s her new mission.

Jonathan Gittos

Jonathan, despite his family name, which he claims is Welsh – has far less exotic ancestry. That didn’t stop him falling in love with the tropical jungle and the riches of nature, whilst serving as a young officer in the British Army, nor with the joy of great food whilst later working as a chef on billionaire’s yachts. He has travelled widely in the Caribbean and is passionate about the riches of the flora, ecology, people and foods of the region.

Jonathan might not be as cool or beautiful as Aletha but he claims to have gone to a good university and is certainly an a bit of a middle-aged boffin, devouring research on the the health and happiness benefits of the right diet of varied plants. He’s also an experienced entrepreneur – although in truth, he’s happiest in the Rodie’s kitchens concocting new spicy delights for your pleasure.